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Inventory Management System




Inventory Control and Purchasing

Following are a few adopted in this module. These features are augmented when they are used in conjunction with other modules
Inventory Management
Spare Parts Control
Consumable Stores
Transactions and History
Procurement management
Add/edit/delete product category
Add/edit/delete products
Add/edit/delete products sub items
Advanced search product information
Add Stock in interface
Stock out interface
Product Line Items
Add Category/Product/Product Line Item
Edit Category/Product/Product Line Item
Delete Category/Product/Product Line Item
Search Category/Product/Product Line Item
Purchase Entry/Stock-in
Sales Entry/Stock-Out
Transfer to Onsite/warehouse/
Return goods/Debit notes/Credit notes
Consolidate listings for all product lines
Generate inventory reports based custom selections
Calculate Cost of Item for selected Job number
Inventory control
Purchasing cycle
Check ships inventory from their office
Create Requisition
Approve Requisition
(Perform Cost Comparison)Electronically submit RFQs
POs to vendors, with First Stage Delivery Accrual Interface
Authorization and Review processes
Requisition Templates 
Create a RFQ or PO directly from the Requisition
Auto-select Vendor feature
Include both Materials and Services on one RFQ
Automatically submit RFQ to Vendors
Evaluate to select desired Vendor
Records of items transferred between vessels or warehouses 
Take full or partial receipt of items as they arrive at an office or warehouse location
Track when PO items are delivered onboard and assign applicable storage locations
Locate inventory from the storage location hierarchy or from the Equipment
Inventory automatically updated when an item is delivered
Materials used for Maintenance are deducted from inventory
Reconciliation feature allows for manual adjustments to inventory