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What is HyDesk

Concept of HyDesk:

Most of the work force in marine industry relies on conventional channels to communicate. The drawback they face may be
  • On most of the occasion, the individual may have to set up a physical office or a post box office or a virtual office.
  • There may be a customer and a service provider. However both may not be in communication. Same is applicable to any supply / demand or giver / taker type relationship
  • Even if the two parties are aware of the existence of each other, the distance and communications may be prohibitive factors.
  • Entrepreneur in an industry are not able launch themselves due to lack of infrastructure. Cost of developing such infrastructure is prohibitive
  • Sometimes both user and service provider are at loss because there is no choice available
  • Most of the individuals would like to do some additional consultancy work but they are not ready to leave their current engagements
  • Then there is always a chicken and egg question “Should the infrastructure be set up the first or let the business be available before it is done. Bear in mind that the time required to set up infrastructure and launch a publicity campaign may be too long for the opportunity to wait
  • The interns and students in any industry are not getting adequate exposure to the day to day practicalities of the industry. Most of them do not get a free channel to discuss their difficulties and gain exposure
  • Most of the professionals would like to mentor but do not have time and tools to interact with the industry
  • In the entire industry, important topics may not be discussed as there is no common platform to do the same.
  • Many in shipping industry travel out at sea for months together and are out of touch with their professional world.
  • In general there is a shortage of land space and resources which will only worsen as the time progresses.
  • Globally, in major financial centres, and to take Singapore as an example
    • After office hours including off days – The entire office space lies vacant. Imagine millions of sq meter. of prime space in Singapore not being occupied for @ 260 days a year
    • Moreover when the office is occupied then vast amount of residential space is lying locked and vacant
    • We are also facing some social concerns due to higher percentage of manpower migration globally

  • HyDesk is a concept / tool / portal to create an environment of such business communications
  • The HyUser will use this facility take this communication to any level which is only limited by innovation and imagination
  • HyDesk will provide to its subscribers, a space on its web. This place will be having a look and feel of a conventional office
  • A HyUser may virtually occupy the HyOffice according to terms and conditions of HyDesk
  • HyUser will then use this place to conduct B2B or any such communication. The layout of such a kiosk is attached.
  • The main aim of HyDesk is to remove the necessity of setting up physical infrastructure while communicating / carrying out business or reduce this to minimum.
  • Every HyUser who rents out the place will have the some or all of the following facilities. However the list is not exhaustive and it may be modified from time to time.
  • A schematic work space
  • Different icons will show the various communication option available
  • Status indicator
  • Profile and qualification
  • History of work done
  • HyDesk may also provide authentication to the HyUser if it is requested by a third party or any other HyUser

    How HyDesk is unique

    The HyDesk concept may be loosely compared to a large physical office where there are different divisions and different workers / professional employed Each division may represent a different aspect of marine industry.

    For example let’s take 3 such divisions Commercial, technical and a degree college.

    There may be a lot of students who want to discuss the advanced topics with the professionals and the established managers of their industry.

    These students will join as HyMember. Professionals may join as any of the appropriate options available. Some of them may start their own HyDesk. Any one requiring any info may approach the appropriate professional and vice versa. He may then click to find the contact details and carry out the correspondence. The further communication need not be within the HyDesk portal.
  • Only subscribed clients are allowed to communicate with each other. Subscription is also on charging of a certain fees. This is not open to the entire web world
  • The communication is free
  • HyDesk may also be compared to a big office in which my users are bound by the terms and conditions

    What are the other unique advantages?

    Under HyDesk, there is an availability of infinite virtual infrastructure space at almost no cost. Global reach which is not constrained by the physical presence of an HyUser
    • In this world of soaring oil costs, HyDesk will reduce need to travel, thereby saving our planet earths non renewal resources
    • Another big issue we are facing is shortage of office space. HyDesk removes the need for any physical space
    • HyDesk, unlike other web is not for the sole purpose of business. This is a learning portal where free flow of knowledge is encouraged
    • HyDesk shares the revenue according to the terms and condition with its users, depending of the involvement. The examples being giving the users a share of referral fee, giving complementary membership to prestige clients so that entire community as a whole can benefit.
    • Hydro Nautics will also be giving out shares to its subscribers based on the performance which will ultimately result in HyDesk belonging to the industry (just like the internet)
    • It provides growth opportunity to all the industry individuals to learn and grow with the industry. This creates a pool of professionals which is more aware and trained which in turn leads to fewer mishaps in the industry.
    • In Future
      • No travelling
      • No traffic jams
      • No costly maintenance of real estates

    Other developments that will be a part of HyDesk concept
    • We strongly believe that it is possible to completely remove the need of having a physical office setup. HyDesk will eventually provide all the facilities that any physical office space may provide for carrying out business.
    • WE also believe that it is not necessary for professional who is attached to any company as an employee to be restricted. Any professional will be able to set up his own space on HyDesk and carry out development activities which are only constrained by ones imagination. He will only be bound by the terms and conditions of the establishments with whom he enters into a contract. These T and C agreed by him will not be applicable to HyDesk.
    • HyDesk will provide all facilities to HyUser such as but not limited to
      • Document management
      • Authentication
      • Certification
      • E Learning
    HyDesk will also provide individual to set up one’s own office where in all the employees will be connected virtually. The meetings can also be arranged on the net. To put it simply, all that can be done physically by being present in the office will now be done virtually. Hydro Nautics through its HyDesk services will be providing an office maintenance solution.

    With HyDesk, we will be able to create unlimited office space for a fraction of cost.

    The terms HyDesk, HyUser, HySubscriber, HyMember, HyConsultant, HyProfessional, HyCorporate, HyGuest, HyVisitor, HyOffice, HyPage, HyShare, HyDollar, HyShareholder are created in order to define the concept of HyDesk and may not necessarily mean the same as that used in English language