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Each and every individual in the corporate hierarchy has something to contribute. However more often than not such a contribution is not documented and is lost as the time passes by. The maximum an entrepreneur may get is some verbal accolade which too is lost in memory. Under HyIntellect the HyUser may be able to document his creative work and post it under his creation. This creation will be permanently attached to his identity. No individual or the creation is small to document. For example

  • A second mate working at his rank for a long time may develop passage planning skills related documents which are unique.
  • A chief offices may have developed a unique way of cargo handling
  • A master / pilot may have mastered a novel way of navigation
  • An Office staff may through his long service in his capacity, may have developed a data base and statistic which may be of great value to the industry.
  • We have given some very basic examples and these are just a tip of the iceberg. The permutations and combinations may just be limited by imagination


  • The proprietor of such a document or a program has a right to post his work as a profile freeware or a shareware. However the onus of proving that it does not infringe a copyright of a third party rests with the proprietor.
  • There are no hassles of copyright applications, patent application which fail most of the time and results in exorbitant costs in conjunction with a waste of time.
  • Individuals may post similar piece of work. The idea is to create a profile based on the life time hard work of a HyMember
  • This also serves as a proof of initiative taken in case a HyMember is looking for furthering his career.
  • Such a work which will be stored under his profile can be posted as an URL in his CV for the prospective employers to look at.
  • In the existing system a professional over a period of time may develop a feeling of vacuum. Some questions may start to haunt him
    • What creative work have I done till now.
    • I am at the end of my career and have nothing to look back to. All my hard work has been reduced to being labelled repetitive tasks.
    • I always worked harder and opportunities passed by. There was no recognition and there was no way to show to the world and the industry in particular that my tasks were creative