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Free Membership, HyUpgrading, and Career Development

Hydro Nautics is developed as an infrastructure for the marine industry.


We are providing life membership to the subscriber which is free of any annual membership charges. A small onetime account set up charge is applicable depending on the type of membership subscribed.


Description of the membership and their rights

1.      HyMember – Can freely access message board, forums, HyDesk. E Intellect sites

2.      HyProfessional / HyCorrespondent / HyConsultant – All permissions of HyMember + he has right to run his own Forum. He has access to set up his HyDesk space subject to T and C. Has access to the HyDocument subject to the T and C

3.      HyCorpMgmt – All permissions of HyProfessional + he has right of moderation in all the forums. Has additional access to the HyIntellect feature of the HyLearn

4.      HyCorporate – All permissions of HyCorpMgmt + has name / logo / short script displayed on the banner under HyPartner / HyAchiever section for life. Has permission to run more than one forum. Has permission to run all modules in the HyLearn (HyDocument, HyAcademy and HyIntellect) features subject to T and C. Has permission to set up his own HyOffice in the HyDesk feature subject to the terms and condition.



In order to encourage a sense of ownership of Hydro Nautics and develop business acumen of our subscribers we are offering a path of HyUpgrading by which a HyMember can upgrade oneself to a HyCorporate Correspondent (HyCC). This will be multiple rewarding to the HyMember as explained below.


Once a user is subscribed as a HyMember he is encouraged to invite other likeminded individuals and entities to join. Though a HyCorporate membership is available directly, we strongly recommend that young executives join as a HyMember first for the following reasons

·        HyMember one time subscription fees is the least and very affordable. For example the membership costs less than 1 cent per day or less than 30 cents per month.

·        One may buy a HyCorporate membership but will find oneself in the hydro-nautics web with a lot of established players in the industry. It will be worthwhile to have a background equivalent to the status of membership held. Such background may come about when a user is an established professional in the industry or a merchant, business, establishment, authority. A young executive may become a corporate member through HyUpgrading. This will display his business acumen and will be highly appreciated