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Elucidations for professionals

Today’s professionals are the most important factor that can influence how marine industry will run in the future. Professionals hold unique characteristics in our industry – they are contributor as well as customer. How great it would be to have a symbiosis with the industry where you give some and at the same time gain more.


Professionals as customers


Throughout the career professionals continuously need to upgrade their skills. Hydro Nautics we provides excellent platform to pursue endless possibilities. Most of the details will be found under the relevant features.


Individually a professional can find his own space on the HyDesk where he can advertise his skills and knowledge; his profile will be present globally on the web at all times. Professionals can use the HyDocument feature to post their creative work which can be freely accessible over the net or may be restricted in access depending on his choice. Every professional can run his own virtual office form the Hydro Nautics with a freedom to continue the communication outside the web as and when they may feel like. There are no restrictions or sharing of revenue whenever a professional carries out his business over our web. Hydro nautics provides professionals to start their own web page which will be accessible to all. It may loosely be compared to the VHF Ch 16 – watched by all, accessible to all, free for all. Make a call, establish communication and move over to private channel


With a majority of professionals available on our web, partnership between professionals, with or without Hydro Nautics participation, can be developed globally. Hydro nautics will provide all the tools to run a successful business; subsequently an individual may become a globally relevant entity with new possibilities becoming reality every day. Hydro nautics may, on your consent, provide accreditation and referral to third party which may boost your credentials. The contact and knowledge base established comes in very handy whenever an individual faces some turbulence in his career.


Most or the professionals may find an urge to upgrade their skills and knowledge. Hydro nautics through HyLearn will provide custom made courses and certification. This will be at a fraction of the cost, online and without loss of work time. Assessments can be taken repeatedly, at whatever date without any constraints. Over the period of time such qualification will be universally acceptable in the industry.


Finally we would like to share some of the common traps in the commercial world in which professionals land up. Hydro Nautics through its web www.hydro-nautics.com specifically targets to avoid such mishaps.


·        Get a good job – But not in touch with the trends – Management finds that you not prepared for the job – You lose the job as quickly as you got.

·        Lack of practical knowledge – lose out your promotion to your team mate.

·        Overheard Office Gossip - How on earth did Mr Xxx landed up in a good job which we were never aware of – How did he ever come to know it existed at the first place?

·        Worst case – With continuous failures, individuals may tend to lose reputation in the market and lose self confidence

·        There is a constant threat of retrenchment, job stagnation, lack of exposure – You cannot do anything as there is no contact with the commercial world and just wait for the dreaded thing to happen.

·        Have extra time and want to do more – but no tools to make your dreams come into reality.

·        Competition exists but you are left behind – because you waited and the guy who acted first is now ahead. In today’s world all have more or less the same knowledge – it’s all about who starts first and is at the right place at the right time and keeps his eyes and ears open


In short existing knowledge + the contact base + the new skills acquired = a lethal combination


Acquire it and use it


Professionals as contributors


Professionals have the advantage of the practical knowledge they have of the marine industry. This knowledge was acquired by a lot of hard work and by overcoming the hurdles. Hydro nautics provides an excellent portal to share this knowledge with the students of the industry. Through HyLearn, HyAcademy, HyIntellect and HyDocument features professionals can contribute to the industry in the manner they feel appropriate. HyProfessional can also run their forums and post messages on the bulletin board interacting on topic related to the industry. This virtually becomes a dynamic information exchange wherein the members gain as well as contribute to the web knowledge data base.