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Merchants and business establishments


This section provides the information to the marine industry which is diversified. As such our applications become equally important. Most of our services will be appealing to the industry in one way or the other
Brand Imaging right at the roots –
Executives in the beginning of their career make preferences and the biggest factor of influences is the exposure to which ever brand names they come across. Few businesses devote their attention in developing their brand image in the hearts and mind of students. These students later go on to hold key positions in several organisations and by default they look for familiar brands in order to provide them solution. Such established players who had devoted their time in the initial brand imaging will always find competition easy. Hydro Nautics provides their corporate member a channel to create exposure. We display corporate banner and encourage free interaction between the industry and the work force. What’s interesting is that a corporate member can avail these basic facilities for free.
In the corporate world all the players, sooner or later will be exposed to critical situations where they have to operate under full media exposure. Such situations may arise during accidents, mishaps etc. In absence of a source of information the world becomes captive to whatever information is beamed to them. Most of the time, such information is unfavourable to the corporate world and is not presented in factual manner. Through Hydro Nautics web our corporate members may opt to present the facts by using tools such as HyForum, and HyMessage Board. Such third party independent channel of communication may help in negate the effects of miscommunication. www.hydro-nautics.com can also assist in opinion polls as well as harness support from other players in the industry.
Major Companies are investing millions into developing human resource and safer technologies. However a lot of individuals and operators are not able to make such an investment. Lack of investment in human resource training and technology leads to unplanned expenditure due to human error. This may force them to take austerity measure and more often than not this includes retrenchment, cheaper staff and reduction in investing in already non existing training program. Thus starts the vicious circle of negativity which may ultimately result in a dangerous incident.
A sub standard practice may be followed by anyone, but it ultimately affects the whole industry. Example a shipping route shuts down due to an incident resulting in severe hampering of business. Hydro Nautics through its portal brings the professionals together so that they can share the knowledge and thereby reduce chances of such mishaps. 
The training provided at Hydro Nautics and free flow of information will be at fraction of cost. Members of our community will be given free membership and this will encourage them to get involved with the current affairs. All those who are deprived of access to training due to lack of infrastructure, no communication, limited finances, remote location etc will now find access to the best practices and tools. Presence of best practice players will encourage the workforce to interact with the standard companies and as always – influence of a good companion always reaps good benefits.
From a business perspective - most of the merchants may be able to conduct basic business and exchange of information on the portal for free. In fact how much of the business is conducted will be the choice of the member itself. It may range from just searching for the right contact to getting the proposals to complete business transaction.