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Administrations and Organisations

This section will be helpful in explaining the relevance of Hydro nautics to

·       Administrations

·       Governing bodies

·       Classification Societies

·       Quality regulators

·       Government and Marine enforcement agencies


Most of the above organisation and establishments are heavily involved in

·        Prevention of pollution of the environment

·        Improving the safety standards in marine industry

·        Increasing the efficiency of the systems

·        Skill upgrading of the existing work force

·        New techniques to prepare the generation next


The following challenges are experienced by such organisations

·        Lack of infrastructure to train the existing workforce

·        Quality control is not uniform across the globe

·        The existing workforce does not have time and the resources to invest in upgrading their skills

·        The generation next again faces the same challenges like lack of infrastructure, limited access to the tools to upgrade and high financial costs of upgrading

·        Big businesses do devote a large time and resources in developing the workforce but most will find the cost of such investment in human resources and infrastructure too prohibitive.


Hydro nautics makes an effort to address the above challenges through its tools offered under the domain www.hydro-nautics.com


HyLearn has features like HyDesk, and the features under HyLearn - HyDocument, HyIntellect and HyAcademy, which are available to all the HyMember for free or at a fraction of cost. The membership is also kept free for life. More details are available in the relevant section.


The web also provides HyMessage and HyForum interaction tools through which HyMember can share their views and take part in discussion with the professionals in the industry


HyCorporate membership is available even to the member who are still schooling. This gives them an opportunity to get straight in to the board room.


Through the various tools and features in the entire web, hydro nautics makes effort to keep the HyMember informed and trained in their field in particular as well as all the other streams in which the professional tend to lose touch due to narrow focus on the stream of their activity. Once all the barriers are broken, the unlimited communication will ensure free flow of knowledge. This will result in increased safety and efficient environment friendly means to do business.