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Elucidation for students, interns and executives


This page explains the solutions which www.hydro-nautics.com provides for students, interns, trainees, (hereafter referred to as Young Executives) as well as faculty and institutes. It is also applicable for the professional engaged in talent development.


YE are the driving force of the industry and the today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. Hydro Nautics places a lot of importance to this segment of the industry and is devoting the majority of its time and investment in catering to the needs and necessities of “Our Future”


YE’s face a host of hurdles through their careers which slows and hampers their progress. We are making an effort to eliminate all such shortcoming which exists in our industry Communication is the key to success and that’s what www.hydro-nautics.com is all about. Few of the facts and our solutions are stated below





Academic training provides excellent knowledge. However YE’s exposure to the world of business comes with the commencement of employment

Hydro Nautics will establish the students right into the offices and board rooms while they are studying, so that the YE’s are in touch with the movers and shakers of the business right from the begining.

While schooling, most of the YE’s may not be aware of which line of business they may eventually venture to. The initial jobs may not always be the final ones and most of the YE’s do tend to switch stream sometimes after spending considerable time in their existing job. This means starting all over again.

Our programs such as forums, message boards, mentoring and HyLearn will keep the YE’s aware of all the trends in the industry irrespective of the stream of their choice. This will ensure smooth transition in employment status. Our knowledge base will act as an instant guide to YE who are looking to plant a foothold in the industry.


Every YE has to realise that the beginning of a professional career does not mean the end of the academics. Profession and academic go hand in hand till the very end. Over a period of time the executives tend to lose touch with the overall picture of the  industry and become narrowly focused on their stream of business. Some others try to move laterally within different streams in order to regain exposure thereby losing crucial time.

We are creating a vast pool of data base as well as a subscriber base. This will help the executive to focus on the business stream of their choice as well as keep in touch with the happening in the other streams of business. Our tailor made programs are suited to the needs of the YE


An executive trying to establish a contact base may face hurdles due to

·        Remoteness of ones location

·        Lack of communication tools

·        High cost of setting up infrastructure

·        High travelling cost

Hydro Nautics provides tools which enables an individual to establish a virtual infrastructure. Costs are kept to minimum and most of the services are provided for free. We establish direct one to one communication links across the industry between the mentee and the mentor and develop their contact base

YE from the beginning of their profession do research work while studying, and while at work. However almost always, this work is never recorded or is lost with time

Research, however small or common is worthy of being documented. We provide a platform to all the members’ to have this creative work be displayed globally and always. Imagine over the period of time how much of such data can be added to profile of each of us

What is every YE’s night mare –Recession, retrenchment, job loss, stagnation, and hosts of other career ruining fatal features that plague our commercial world.

Hydro Nautics tries to provide true meaning to the words innovation, communication and career development in order that we are confident and ready to turn any negativity into an opportunity.